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Lead Convert
  • Focussed lead filtering Lead Scrubbing into Hot warm and Cold
  • Nurture Leads until they become sales ready
  • Tweak your email behaviour based on how your leads are responding, even if you have a million unknown contacts!
  • Customer Email handling is an essential to your business
  • Log 100 % Of Emails to your CRM instantly
  • Cognitive Reply, Sentiment Mining and many more AI features
  • Organize the process creating, sending , and tracking sales documents so you can close more deals, faster
  • Integrated with a user friendly point-and-click workflow that connects every
  • With AI embedded into your document generation process, stay one step ahead of your competitors
Sales Assist
  • Assistant chatbots that are the middle ground between a support and skills chatbot
  • We create semantically smart chatbots that are contextually aware and entice your customer with crisp conversation.
  • Leapfrog your Sales with this marvel!
  • Innomailers provides a mass mailer inside Salesforce
  • Save time in downloading and sending emails to an entire list of customers.
  • Create new mailing lists based on business requirements.
  • Advanced Document Capture
  • Capturing invoices, contracts, claims, orders, shipping documents, and any type of documents and incorporating them into your business workflows
  • Faster Customer Onboarding and transformed sales timelines!

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Use Cases

We relied on Mailchimp for Email Marketing and Google Analytics for Website Traffic. Our Team used to monitor each campaign and try to filter the leads for our list of millions. Now they’re able to identify prospects with minimum effort as lead autoconvert tracks all the tools, automatically send customized emails in whichever stage the leads are, and keeps our CRM up-to date with the list of hot leads. My team only focuses on closing leads. In Fact, it takes less than half of the effort to close them now!

MailTangy is truly a one man army for emails. It takes away the hassle of manually logging emails to Salesforce, Repeated manual replies are taken care, and the best part is, I know the sentiment of all my customers!

Lead Convert has become an integral part of our Marketing. Its an awesome tool where you just pump in a list and it does the filtering into Hot, Warm and Cold!

DocTiget helps the team work smarter and cut busy work, And overall increses employee productivity, commitment and happiness

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