CloudPlinth Architecture: Development Platform

Bizlem is working to create lasting transformations using technology and business context. We have taken the platform approach to ensure flexibility, security and integrability of our products, in existing ecosystem, so that the transformation can be lasting. We have created a self service technology marketplace to give our clients a wide assortment of products and web services.

Within an year of starting our operations we have some marquee clients who are leaders in their space across the world. Our off-the-Shelf cloud products will soon be available on some very prestigious market places.

Components assembly to build complex use cases

The application are built using assemblies of micro services ensuring reliability and shortening time to market. Multi-tenancy and self service is build in design itself. AI Platform with Knowledge Slot Filling Technology

The Knowledge Slot filling ensures that the AI Processing system is aware of the Domain, Context and session thereby getting very high precision

Cybersiesta: Cyber security for the Cloud

QueryTiger: Big Data Analytics