Bizlem is working to create lasting transformations using technology and business context. We have taken the platform approach to ensure flexibility, security and integrability of our products, in existing ecosystem, so that the transformation are not just limited to POCs but competitive capabilities are built to last. Therefore, all our products are available as a secured cloud application run on all devices and all types of browsers.

Our Clients can take free trial of our products, buy the subscription provision of their users and monitor the consumption and refill their subscription and raise service tickets on our online marketplace which sells our partner services and other interesting services as well.


Geetanjali Agarwal Founder & CEO

Geetanjali is a young entrepreneur and founder of a tech startup (Bizlem) working with Global Multi Billion Dollar Enterprises across India, Middle East, Europe and USA.

Bizlem has developed 9 game changing products using state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies, that are transforming traditional business processes of Sales, Customer Support, Customer Onboarding and Tedious Documentation.

In 2017, Geetanjali was selected among the top 15 entrepreneurs in India and was invited as a Special Guest of India to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, where she got a chance to interact with Miss Ivanka Trump and Prime Minister Of India, Mr Narendra Modi.

She is a Thought Leader and a Solution Architect with more than 7 years of hands-on experience in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

She is using her expertise in this field to solve pressing problems in the Industry, as well as empower more women employees through her startup