Simplify Complexity of AFS Generation. Go Digital

Simplify Complexity of AFS Generation. Go Digital

Codeless cloud solution with rules to select correct template, clauses, Relevant applicant type clauses, floor and payment plans


“Bizlem AFS has transformed our AFS generation through codeless smart templates and smart Rules. The click of a single button within our CRM, generated the correct AFS, whatever the project, Applicant type, payment or floor plan. This is Digital Transformation delivered”

- Rohit Soni, CRM Manager
Godrej Properties Ltd, Mumbai

How a Smart AFS generator Simplifies the work of your team?

At the click of a button, the following steps are executed automatically

Step 1

Get data from your CRM (or ERP) 

   Input:Booking ID​

   Project ID​

   First Applicant Name​


Select Project Specific Template

Step 2

Select the correct Template and cover Image

Word based Code less Templates. Format in Word with all features


What is a Smart AFS: Generate the correct document at a Click

Step 3 of 9

Individual applicant :Mr. Ram Kumar   (Aadhaar No.804580755634 ) son / daughter /wife of , aged  about  year, residing at    PAN(NGKSS3354G), hereinafter called the “Allottee” ( …..)
HUF Applicant :Mr. Ram Kumar  (Aadhaar No.  ) son of  AJAY KUMAR aged about  for self and as the Karta of the Hindu Joint Mitakshara Family known as  HUF, having its place of  business   /residence at, (PAN  NGKSS3354G ),hereinafter referred to as the “Allottee” …
Company Applicant :Mr.Ram Kumar , a company  incorporated  under the, (CIN          No.provisions of the  Companies   Act, [1956   or 2013,   as the case  may   be], having   its   office registered date , PAN(NGKSS3354G), represented by its signatory  , authorized (Aadhaar No. 829086473489 )authorized vide board resolution  dated    , hereinafter referred to as the “Allottee”..
Partnership Applicant :Mr.Ram Kumar,  a partnership firm registered under the indian partnership Act, 1932 ,having its principal place of business at(PAN NGKSS3354G) ,represented by its authorized partner, Mr.Ravi Yadav,hereinafter referred to as the “Allottee”..

Number of parking and type if applicable. The dynamic numbering ensures correct para numbers and no blank space

Step 4 of 9

1)The sale
The seller sales

The Seller grants to the Purchaser an exclusive license to the parking space(s) located in the parking structure of the Project as described at section 8 of the Particulars, if applicable.

3)Purchase price and payment

3.1)the purchaser price shall be paid by the purchaser in accordance with instruction with seller
3.2)the purchaser agrees that the seller has right to claim payment of purchase price

1)The sale
The seller sales
2)Purchase price and payment
2.1)the purchaser price shall be paid by the purchaser in accordance with instruction with seller
2.2)the purchaser agrees that the seller has right to claim payment of purchase price
3)Possession and Risk
3.1)the anticipated completion date represent the date at which the date of agreement
3.2)the seller shall serve the purchaser the handover notice

Step 5 of 9

Fetch Floor Plan and Merge

Applicable Payment plan for the booking ID

Step 6 of 9

Get & Merge PDF

Step 7 of 9

Real Time dashboard

Approval workflow for documents, template or clauses

Finish, Generate & Email

Step 8 of 9


All controls configurable from UI without any Code

How it Works!

Smart Processing

Smart Processing

Smart tool fetches template and clause selected, with Image & rule



User clicks publish in their CRM system

AFS Generated!

AFS Generated!

Smart Agreement for Sale generated within seconds. Ready to go.

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