Quote in seconds

High impact formatted quotation in real time

Automated policy delivery through rules

The prices are computed automatically based on the multiple variants requested using our configurable rule engines.

Automated selection of preformatted template

Formatted templates in word or ppt can be stored in different products & the final quote is generated through automatic template selection

Deal making workflow for manual overrides

Manual overrides possible using quota with version management & approval workflow.

Automatic CRM integration

The quote & deals are updated in CRM in realtime & the sales process starts in seconds

Quick time to value

Faster sales

Increase your sales by 30 % by giving high impact , accurate & quick quotation much before your competitors.

Reduce manual
effort & errors

Automated process with rule engines & workflow simplify the process of making a quotation, bring consistency and reduce the lead time

Consistent branding

The same template is applied to all the sales agents & the same policy enforced, bringing consistency across quotes.

Powerful REST API’s & pre-integrated to popular platforms.

Multiple standard & Custom integrations

Powerful Integration

Powerful Integration Middle ware, popular systems pre integrated.

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