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Business Friendly <br>technology to Implement Schemes Business Friendly <br>technology to Implement Schemes
Business Friendly <br>technology to Implement Schemes

Business Friendly
technology to Implement Schemes

Codeless Rules and workflows help take decisions in real time and power Sales booking

Powerful Technology to Simplify Business

Configurable Rules

Codeless and quickly deployable


Multiple rule engines as per a configurable codeless workflow

Real time

Can power pricing widgets and dynamic shopping carts


With multiple systems for source data

Drive Momentum in Sales with real time discounts
Increase your revenue with real time offers and schemes and bundle plans

Multiple Promotion Types

Same product in can be in multiple promotions.

Multiple Workflows

Automatic selection based on input data

Multiple Products & Combos

Bundles, Product or quantity based

Real-Time Dashboard

Most popular in driving revenue

Multiple Integrations

Real time data fetch from multiple systems


For every transaction and change of rules and workflow

Quick Time to Value

Direct Revenue Impact

Business Promotions increase revenue and real time promotions help

Reduce Effort & Errors

Computing discounts and schemes in complex and effort intensive

Consistency & Control

Business has the control on when to start or stop a scheme or vouchers

Powerful REST API’s & pre-integrated to popular platforms.

Multiple standard & Custom integrations

Powerful Integration

Powerful Integration Middle ware, popular systems pre integrated.

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