Centralized Storage, Slash cost by upto 75%

Centralized Storage, Slash cost by upto 75%

Our advanced storage with Kafka bus reduces your storage cost by 75% without any change is usage. Additional security is extra!!

Devna A, Manager-Client Success

Codeless Setup

Standard templates for SFDC & SAP. Others can be quickly done


All documents have strict roles and authorization


Tracking for all documents including IP & geo location. Time based expiry if needed

Quick time to Value

Integration with your CRM (ERP) within 2 hours.

Cloud based solutions built for you.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.


Accepts login through SFDC, SAP or AD or other credentials

Document Tracking

All downloads and Views tracked for IP and Device

Download Control

Time based or download based expiry to documents

Standard Integration with SFDC and other CRMs

Using Kafka Bus

Super Cost efficient

Upto 75% lower cost

High Availability

Kubernetes, ELK infra standard.

Ask for our free assessment and business value

Our Tech team can look at your storage and assess the business benefits in terms of Cost and Security over a online call and send a proposal

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