Cloud Infrastructure Management and Multi-System Integration

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Multi-System Integration

Kubernetes-Kafka-ELK solution for fail sage integration and high availability systems with log management

Devna A, Manager-Client Success


Bizlem AFS has transformed our AFS generation through codeless smart templates and smart Rules. The click of a single button within our CRM, generated the correct AFS, whatever the project, Applicant type, payment or floor plan. This is Digital Transformation delivered

Rohit Soni, CRM Manager
Godrej Properties Ltd, Mumbai

High Availability (HA)

Kubernetes load balances servers placed across geographies and ensures business continuity in all scenario

Failsafe Integration

Kafka Integration bus is a real-time,Fail safe and flexible integration across systems with buffering

Log Management (ELK)

Each team/region can manage their own templates or clauses.

Transformation in 3-4 weeks

High reliability and business continuity

Quick time to Value

Cloud based solutions built for you.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Uptime> 99.99%

No single point of failure. DR compliant

Load Balancing

All servers active for optimization.


Fail safe and flexible messaging between systems

Logical filtering

Rule based duplicate/Stale filtering

Log aggregation

Logs collected and made searchable

Log visualization

Eliminate headache of log management

Powerful REST API’s & pre-integrated to popular platforms.

Multiple standard & Custom integrations

Powerful Integration

Powerful Integration Middle ware, popular systems pre integrated.

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