Create Private Marketplace. Simplify

Marketplace creates a compelling buying experience. Enterprise policies & processes enforced through powerful workflows.

Powerful Technology
automatically to create a marketplace out of data.

Automatic date cleansing & enrichment
Automatic date cleansing & enrichment

Our powerful data cleansing engine gets images & links your master data to the supplier to enhance knowledge base.

Policy enforcement
Policy enforcement

Whatever is your contracting process, our workflow engine the same is expected , be it approvals or budgets to ensure proper Governance.

Contracting tools
Contracting tools

Reverse auctions, offer - counter offer, RFQ- quote are supported including sealed bids.

High visibility dashboard
High visibility dashboard

Visibility into all contracted purchases as well as work in progress.

Powerful Technology

Powerful Technology to make contracting simple

Policy engines

Configurable business rules to ensure only deviations are sent for approva


BPMN2  compliant codeless workflow engines is business friendly

Negotiation tools

Reverse auctions, RFQ-quote, offer -counter offer & sealed bids makes buying simpler & transparent.


Online visibility for contracted & in process contracts & online spend analysis.

Quick time to value: 30% faster payments


Fabulous buying experience with enriched data, images, attributes & shopping cart experience within the enterprise process.

Upto 5% cost Reduction

Our high performance negotiation tools ensures that even small contracts are negotiated electronically with minimal effort.

Visibility & Governance

Policy enforcement through workflows & high visibility dashboard improves governance.

Powerful REST API’s & pre-integrated to popular platforms.

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Powerful Integration

Powerful Integration Middle ware, popular systems pre integrated.

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