Discounts bring momentum and increase sales by 40%

Discounts bring momentum and increase sales by 40%

Increase your sales by offering incremental discounts and multiple schemes and an online discount calculation

Devna A, Manager-Client Success


Bizlem AFS has transformed our AFS generation through codeless smart templates and smart Rules. The click of a single button within our CRM, generated the correct AFS, whatever the project, Applicant type, payment or floor plan. This is Digital Transformation delivered

Rohit Soni, CRM Manager
Godrej Properties Ltd, Mumbai

Multiple Promotions

Multiple promotions on a single property to influence customers to buy more o

Smart Rules & Workflow

Get automated workflows with smart rules to configure multiple schemes

Intuitive Dashboards

Track which promotion is working better and calibrate

Quick time to Value


40% Sales Jump

Configure your schemes & promotions however complex

You can codelessly configure one one more independent promotions on the products

Cloud based solutions built for you.
With useful features, an intuitive interface.

Multiple Promotions

Campaigns, Options, Bundle offers, Promotions

Workflow designer

Multiple rules, in a workflow as per needed

Real time

Promotions have an expiry data

CRM integration

Schemes automatically applied at time of booking

Sales scenarios

Sales Force can calibrate plan based on actual for the period


Sales Progress Vs Plan, Best performers etc.

How it Works!



Select Properties to book in CRM

Smart Processing

Smart Processing

Prices calculated based on valid promotions & Offers in real time

Discounts Applied

Discounts Applied

Prices for all promotion types displayed separately

Powerful REST API’s & pre-integrated to popular platforms.

Multiple standard & Custom integrations

Powerful Integration

Powerful Integration Middle ware, popular systems pre integrated.

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